Posted by: Sandy Steinman | July 1, 2019

Best Sierra Nevada Wildflower Hotspots

California Wildflower Hotspots For This Summer

A compilation of my past experiences from summer wildflower hunting in the Sierra Nevada.  I have included past wildflower bloom reports, wildflower books, past articles on Natural History Wanderings, and links to wildflower resources including a link to an extensive list I have put together of wildflower hikes throughout the Sierra (at the end of this posting).  Suggestions, additions and corrections welcome.  Submit you findings to Natural History Wanderings at Submitting Your Wanderings and I will post them to share with others

Plumas County

The top wildflower area in Plumas County is the Lakes Basin.  Normally the end of June is a good time to go.  With the deep snows now is probably a better bet.  The best book for wildflowers is Wildflower Walking in the Lakes Basin of the Northern Sierra by Toni Fauver.

A good local source of what is in bloom is the Bloom Blog at:

Also check  the Black Oak Naturalist Blog at:

and my posting from last year on the Lakes Basin: Plumas County: Lakes Basin Wildflower and Fall Foliage Hotspots

Eastern Sierra and White Mountain

The eastern side of the Sierra Nevada and White Mt. are actually quite different but both can be reached from a base along highway 395.  Bishop can make a good base and there are many camping possibilities as well.  Both the Whites and Eastern Sierra provide easy access to high elevations as you easily drive to 8000 to 11000 feet.  There are many flowers along the roads and many great hiking trails.  Here is a posting I wrote on visiting the Eastern Sierra and Whites: Best of Two Worlds Eastern Sierra Nevada & White Mountain: hikes, drives & wildflowers

My favorite areas in the White Mountains are Patriarch Grove and Schulman Grove where you can see the ancient Bristlecone Pines as well as many interesting flowers including many tiny belly plants.  See my two reports from last year:

Three of my favorite drives and hikes are the roads to and hikes out from McGee Creek, Rock Creek and Bishop Creek/ South Lake.  Here are my write-ups from last year:

Yosemite National Park Wildflower Links and Reports from Past Years

Carson Pass

Carson Pass is possibly by favorite wildflower spot in the Sierra Nevada.  It has never failed.  There are always good displays and many species.  Here is a posting I wrote about it and my report from last year

Best Sierra Nevada Wildflower Hikes

(list I have compiled of wildflower hikes in the Sierra Nevada)

Sierra Nevada and White Mountain Slideshow

A slideshow of wildflowers, landscapes, and butterflies of the Sierra Nevada and White Mountains during July 2017. Areas included are Yosemite National Park, Oil Plant Road, Horse Meadow Road, Nanavut Trail, Lundy Canyon, Rock Creek, Smokey the Bear Flat, White Mountain, Bishop Creek, McGee Creek, Highway 120 east of Mono Lake, and Sonora Pass. The images are organized by location, with the first image in each group naming the area.

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