Updated December 4, 2010

Natural History Wanderings is a blog I created to share natural history explorations, especially wildflower travels and photos.  Most posts will be  from California, usually northern, as that is where I am based but may include anywhere.  The main emphasis of the blog will be to share what is currently happening at different locations.  I will also include things I find of interest as I wander around the web as well as my own wanderings and those submitted by others.  I will  post information on where to find information on wildflower blooms, fall foliage, birds, trips, workshops, classes, conservation issues, park news, and other resources to natural history wanderers.

I have several pages that are collections of resources:

  • The Talks, Walks, Workshops page links to natural history organizations that offer hikes, trips, talks, and classes.  If you are looking to learn more about natural history  or find a group to go out with this is the place to look.
  • The Wildflower Reports: What’s Blooming Where page links to many wildflower bloom sites as well as a link to a list of current wildflower reports posted on Natural History Wanderings.
  • Fall Foliage has links to fall color reports, locations, drives, walks and fall foliage photography tips. It has sections on Nationwide U.S., Canada and California.
  • The  Birding page includes North American Birding websites and locations, Bird Photography Tips , Bird Festivals list (primarily in California), California Birding websites and locations , Bay Area Birding Locations and Bird Reports that have been posted on Natural History Wanderings

Blogroll is a list of blogs, websites, and discussion groups that cover natural history and nature photography that I follow regularly.

I continue  to update the pages and blogroll as I become of aware of new resources so check back periodically. To see a larger version of any photo in the blog just click on it.  All errors are most likely mine.

Subscription: You can subscribe to Natural History Wanderings by both e-mail and RSS.  These are  good ways to receive automatically receive new content from Natural History Wanderings without having to regularly check the blog.  Email subscription can be found in the right column and for RSS you can click below.

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How to Participate:  Your contributions, comments, additions, and corrections are most welcome.  I encourage you to tell us where you have been and what you have seen. I am very much an amateur so suggestions and corrections are welcome.   Please use the comments box below for any comments or suggestions.  If you would like to submit information for a posting  click here:  Submitting Your Wanderings


  1. […] Natural History Wanderings is a US blog created by Sandy Steinman to share natural history explorations, especially wildflower travels and photos.   The main emphasis is to share experiences.  Recent posts include: […]


  2. Where can I find a comprehensive calendar of blooming trees and shrubs in LA/ Southern CA?


    • I am not aware of any one comprehensive calendar. I would suggest looking at the Sunset Western Gardens book and check with local nurseries and visitor centers at local parks. If anyone has a suggestion please chime in.


      • That’s a tall request for such a large and diverse area as SoCal, and then to also restrict to trees and shrubs (native, non-native, garden?). I have the following 2 links in my bookmarks for the general area, and while they don’t exactly match Lissa’s request, they are calendar-based bloom times (versus species-based blooms times, which there are many resources):
        Maybe this’ll help?


      • I agree it is a tall request. Many thanks for your suggestions.


  3. I’m so glad I discovered your blog today. Thanks for so much great info. Looking forward to more.



  4. Congratulations, Sandy!

    I have nominated your blog for the Shine On Award.

    More about this nomination is at



  5. Hey Sandy,
    I am a local up in the Sierra-Tahoe area, and I keep on eye on your great blog here. Just wanted to pause and say thank you, and wish you a happy and prosperous new year. Best warm regards, Twohawks


  6. Sandy –
    My name is Cody, and I’m the webmaster for the Kern County Board of Trade website. Just wanted to let you know that the link to the Kern County Wildflower Hotline has changed. There are a few references to our old link on your blog. Our new URL is:

    Sorry to post this in the comments section. I couldn’t find a link to contact you directly!



    • Cody, I checked that link (http://www.visitkern.com/wildflower-hotline) today, April 11, 2019, and got the “lost” 404 notice. You will need to post a fresh link, if you haven’t already. Thanks, Julie. I’m the webmaster for Lompoc Valley Botanic and Horticultural Society (LVBHS). “What’s Blooming” is an interesting section on our website.


      • Thanks for letting me know about the bad link. I have contacted the Kern County visitor site to see if they have a new link or wildflower site. Not sure if Cody still works there.


  7. Sandy: I’ve very much enjoyed your posts, and was at Chimney Rock on Monday, as were you. A good friend and I were there to, among other things, do some photography. I have never met you, but do recall passing a couple hiking in as we were leaving (we got there about 7:45 am). They were both taking photos. I was carrying a moderate amount of photo gear, and wearing yellow waterproof pants. We exchanged pleasantries, and maybe we met without realizing it. We both enjoyed a fantastic Chimney Rock weather day, and I completely agree that the bloom was a little disappointing. We were reduced to doing mostly macro work.

    Here are a couple of my pics…
    (well, I can’t figure out how to insert photos, so I’ll just end by saying Hi)



    • We probably got there around between 9 and 10 AM and also were doing mainly macro. So maybe?


  8. A great blog!


  9. Central Texas, where I am, is pretty far afield from the West Coast, but if you’d like an occasional glance at the flora (and some fauna) available here, you may find it enjoyable to check out


    from time to time.


    • Thanks for the link. I actually to get to the Austin area on occasion as I have relatives near there.


  10. Excellent blog! I’ll have to take the time to read through your posts. How’d you find my blog?


    • Katie, I came across it on John Wall’s Natural California and have added you to the list of RSS feeds that I check on daily.



  11. Thank you Sandy, I’ll be looking forward to reading your blog.


  12. what a great idea this is. I’ll keep an eye on this site regularly to see what’s going on around our beautiful state (and beyond). Also hope to provide you with any info I may have on the same


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