Posted by: Sandy Steinman | July 19, 2010

Another Yosemite Wildflower Report from the High Country

After breakfast at Nicely’s in Lee Vining, we headed back up Tioga Pass Road. The Blazing Star, Prickly Poppy and Evening Primrose were all in bloom.  There was a pullout just before the construction started (the last part of road before Yosemite on the east side has one-way escorted traffic) that had many flowers. There were also a number of flowery pullouts on the right side of the road both before and after Tuolumne Meadows some with small streams that provided habitat for moisture loving plants.  Tuolumne Meadows had a lot more flowers in bloom than five days ago but not large displays.  One pullout that was especially good was west of Olmstead Point before you get to the May Lake Trailhead.

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Yosemite Wildflower plant list for Tioga Pass Road on 7/19/10 of flowers seen and identified, hopefully, accurately by me.  Listed as seen from West to Yellow Buckwheat, East Blazing Star, Evening Primrose, Yellow Monkeyflowers, Wild Rose, Nude Buckwheat, Prickly Poppy, White-flowered Bog Orchid, Red Penstemon, Yarrow, Red Paintbrush, Mountain Pride, Coyote Mint, Sticky Cinquefoil, several species of Lupine, Wall Flower, a few more species of Buckwheat, Blue Flag Iris, a Phacelia, ( all plants listed so far were first seen before the west entrance to Yosemite), Single-stemmed Groundsel, tiny Gayophytum, and Whorled Penstemon. In Tuolumne Meadows were Elephant Heads, a very pretty pink Paintbrush, Whorled Penstemon, Shrubby Cinquefoil,a purple Aster, Shooting Stars, Pussy Paws, Spurry Buckwheat, Bistort, Yellow Composites and lots of water.  We also found one  small low Lewisia across the road from the Meadow.  Continuing on Tioga Pass Road blooms that were added to the list include Red Elderberry in flower, Corn Lily, Frog Orchid (green), a small yellow Monkey flower, a small Willow Herb, Red Columbine, Shield Leaf, Labrador Tea, Richardson’s Geranium, Lewis’s Monkeyflower, Mountain Spirea, Blue Larkspurs, Showy Penstemon, Yampah, Angelica,  Mariposa Lily, Dogbane, Washington Lily, and Stickweed.  All flowers were found right along the road or in Tuolumne Meadows.

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