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  1. Tip: Fullerton Arboretum looking good lately. They’ve been doing some scaping and maintenance, and there are some goodies blooming right now. Nice place for a walk and it’s free, but be sure to drop an offering in the donation box. 🙂 See the last 7 pics on my Flickr page, all from Fullerton, taken on Dec 26th.

    Wintertime Flowers


  2. Wonderful photographs. You have such a keen eye. Viewing your slideshow of Crested Butte I swear I could hear the insects humming and the trees rustling as the warm summer breeze warmed the cockles of my heart.
    It’s a gifted photographer indeed that can present one’s own back yard (as it were) in such a sparkling, vivid new light. Thanks!
    I’ll be back to check out the other destinations very soon.
    Keep up the good work – our planet needs motivated, talented people such as yourself to help tell its story.


  3. Hi Sandy, we are planning to drive along Rd 1 from LA to Monterey mid May 2014. Can you tell me points where we can stop to take wildflower pictures?




    • Mid May is on the late side for the best flowers along the coast. Two places I would suggest is to stop at the Santa Barbara Botanic Garden and Pt. Lobos. Also watch the road side and you might stop at some of the state parks such as Andre Molera, and Garrapata and see what is bloom there. Also check wildflower websites such as Natural History Wanderings, Theodore Payne and the Calphoto Yahoo group and see what people are posting at the time of your trip. You might also call the visitors centers at the various parks you will pass along the way. Hope this helps.


  4. Hi, I just found you and happy to be here.
    Want to let you that; I was at PIPELINE TRAIL, next to Lake Pleasant Regional Park, AZ and found some wildflowers there.
    My wish finding a large area (like side of the hill, etc) but I only found a small group of them and that’s why my pictures show individual shots:
    Anyway, I hope you’ll enjoy viewing them. Thank you.


  5. Sandy, at Pt Reyes yesterday we saw a bright orange lily-type flower, bright like a CA poppy and the same size, with a purple center, and like a yellow daisy in the middle of that. Any idea what it might be? I can send you a picture . I cant find it in my i.d. books.


    • It is Sparaxis tricolor from South Africa. A non-native, which may have been planted or escaped from a garden. This would explain why you didn’t find it in a wildflower guide or list.


  6. The oldest bristlecone is not in Patriarch grove. It is in the Shulman grove and is called Methusula. It is now untagged as people were taking parts of it. Your Photos and notes are just great. Lynn


    • Thanks for the addition and your comments. I actually, meant the Bristlecones as a group were the oldest trees. I am aware the Methusula tree is in the Schulman area. I think it is good thing that there are no signs identifying it.


  7. Sandy, where did you take the Sierra Foothills, Merced River photos? They are amazing. I need to go there this year. I have never seen hills that steep covered with so many flowers.


    • They were taken along highway 140 between Hite’s Cove and the El Portal. The hillsides were exceptionally good that year.


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