Posted by: Sandy Steinman | May 30, 2010

The Best Wildflower Spot in the Sierra?

Carson Pass is one of the most flowery “don’t miss” areas in the Sierra.  The best time for wildflower bloom is Mid to late July.  You can hike south of the pass to Frog and Winnemucca Lakes ( my personal favorite) or north towards Red Lake Peak or Meiss Lake.  Good trail descriptions are in Judy Carville’s book: Lingering in Tahoe’s Wild Gardens: Hike 26 Frog and Winnemucca Lakes and Hike 25 Red Lake Peak Another hike worth considering is hiking east from the Woods Lake campground to Winnemucca Lake.  Woods Lake is also a convenient place to camp.

The best place to get up to date information is to call the Eldorado National Forest Carson Pass Information Center Highway 88 at Kit Carson Pass (209) 258-8606 (open summers only). You can call to find out bloom, and visit to get trail information, maps and plant lists. Carson Pass is a popular weekend destination in the summer so if possible you might try to do it on a weekday, but don’t miss it.

Useful Tahoe Area books:

  • Plants of the Tahoe Basin: Flowering Plants, Trees, and Ferns – Michael Graf -1999
  • The Tahoe Sierra: A Natural History Guide to 112 Hikes in the Northern Sierra – Jeffrey P. Schaffer – 1998
  • Wildflowers of the Tahoe Sierra from Forest Deep to Mountain Peak – Laird Blackwell
  • A Sierra Nevada Flora – Noman Weeden, Ph.D.

The most complete plant list for Carson Pass available on-line is from the Sacramaento CNPS and is a pdf that I could not set up a link to but you can copy and paste it in your browser:

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