Sandhill Cranes at Woodbridge Rd. by Sandy Steinman

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Best North American Birding Websites links to birding websites and locations throughout North America

Websites For Bird Sightings and Rare Bird Reports (includes nationwide, California statewide and California regional or county lists)

California’s Best Birding Sites list of birding websites and locations for California

Best Bay Area Birding Hotspots

Bird Reports bird reports posted on Natural History Wanderings

California Bird and Nature Festival Calendar

Northern California Birding Classes

California Bird List  comprehensive list of all birds seen naturally in California

Washington State locations, bird lists, associations and much more

Bird Photography Tips suggestions and tips for photographing birds

Great Bird Photography Sites

American Birding Association

National Audubon Society

Cornell Lab of Ornithology

Royal Society for the Protection of Birds  (U. K. bird conservation organization)

Western Field Ornithologists

Point Blue (research, training,education, walks, workshops)

San Francisco Bay Bird Observatory (conservation science, walks, workshops)

Suggestions for additions, corrections and comments on birding resources and websites welcome and encouraged.

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  2. Thanks for this list. Have you ever heard of bird language? It’s a great way to learn about birds and their communication patterns. If you’re interested – I wrote an article about how to locate owls by listening to American Robin alarms:


  3. Thanks, these links are much appreciated.


  4. I would suggest adding the 18th Annual Snow Goose Festival of the Pacific Flyway. It happens during the last weekend every January.


    • Thanks for the reminder. I just scheduled an announcement for it to be posted on Dec. 3


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  10. I’m interrested in finding out about large birds that migrate at high altitude off of Point Loma in San Diego and in the San Diego Bay area. Most of the Bird Migration discussions on the Web are about birds at low altitude. Can you direct me to reports / web sites that provide estimates of bird migration pathways of large (greater than 2 lbs) in the areas I have mentioned that also contain altitude siteings / measured values. I’m particularly interested in birds that migrate at altitudes above 2000 feet.


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