Posted by: Sandy Steinman | January 11, 2013

How To Find The Wildflowers This Year

Although it is still early to know how this year’s wildflower season will be, it is not to early to update information sources. I have reviewed the Wildflower Reports: What’s Blooming Where section of Natural History Wandering and updated the links. Removing bad ones and substituting new ones where possible. I will continue to update the site as I become aware of new links and changes. Here are the current topics in to Wildflower  section:


  1. regarding wildflowers, you may be aware of these resources: She post Kern County reports

    Also for bird lovers, one of the best resources in the US: the largest collection of bird eggs and nest in the world and one of the largest collection of bird skins in the world

    Best wishes, Spencer


    • Thanks for feedback.

      Research learning Center is actually on the page under California Links as Santa Monica Mountains.

      Nature Ali hasn’t posted wildflower reports for two years and Wildflower conservancy also stopped doing updates. If they start to post again I will put them back on the list. I am trying to keep the list active and current.


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