Posted by: Sandy Steinman | February 22, 2011

Best California Plant Lists

Links to California Plant Lists

Wildflower Plant Identification is always easier when you have a good local list.It  quickly tells you what you are likely to see and limits your choices when trying to identify plants.  I have put together a list of links to plant lists that can be helpful on your outings. Many come from knowledgeable local CNPS members and chapters.  The list is very roughly from north to south.

North Coast ( from North Coast CNPS:) (click on plant lists in lefthand column; than look down page for list of location lists)

Shasta County (from Shasta CNPS):

Mendocino County (from Dorothy King Young CNPS):


Locations/Blooms – Tuolumne Wildflowers

Nevada and Placer Counties (Redbud CNPS):

Bridgeport section of the South Yuba River State Park:

Table Mountain:


Sacramento (Sacramento CNPS):

Sonoma County Plant Lists:

Marin County Plant Lists:

East Bay Regional Parks (includes lists with photos for each park):

Mt. Diablo:

Natural Resources DataBase inventory of plant and animal resources on open space and natural preserves in the greater San Francisco Bay Area. Contains  lists of many open space areas and preserves.  A great resource:

San Francisco Plant Lists
includes site-specific checklists, rare plants and San Francisco plant checklist

San Francisco locally significant plants:

Henry Coe:

Annotated Checklist of Vascular Plants of Santa Cruz County, California by Dylan Neubauer

Monterey County (from Monterey Bay CNPS):

San Luis Obisbo (San Luis Obisbo CNPS):

Carrizo Plain

Ventura and Santa Barbara Counties (from Channel Islands CNPS):

Plants of Southern California: Regional Floras:

Mojave National Preserve Plant list:

Baja, Inyo, Kern, Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino, San Diego, San Luis Obisbo and Tulare Counties (from the Kern County CNPS):

Anza-Borrego Desert Region:

CNPS Native Plant Lists

National Plant Data Base _ USDA

NPLichen: A Database of Lichens in the U.S. National Parks:

These are just some of the resources I have come across in the last several months.  I would also recommend just typing the name of the place you are going plus “plant list” in Google and see what shows up.  If you have any suggestions for additions to this list, please add them as a comment and I will amend the list.  Thanks.


  1. […] California Plant Lists (Detailed  plant lists for many California Parks and Wildflower sites) […]


  2. […] This link along with many other links to plant lists can be found at on Natural History Wanderings in the Wildflower section at Best California Plant Lists. […]


  3. […] California Plant Lists (Detailed  plant lists for many California Parks and Wildflower sites) […]


  4. Thank you for your several links to the Monterey Bay Chapter of the California Native Plant Society (here on your plant lists page and also on your page listing CNPS chapters). Our website address changed recently, and the old site will disappear soon. Please update your links to this:

    Thanks so much!

    Chris Hauser.


  5. Great resource, Sandy. I’m bookmarking this page. Don’t forget too.


    • Thanks for the suggestion. I will included in a post that will out in the next few days on California plant floras and field guides.


  6. One other note: I’m completely addicted to the “What grows here?” searches at the CalFlora database ( It’s probably not as reliable as a locally-compiled plant list for a specific area, but if you’re looking in a place that isn’t otherwise covered it’s quite useful.


    • Thanks for the reminder. I had left it out. I will include Calflora in a post that will out in the new few days on California plant floras and field guides. It will be listed right after the Jepson Manual.


  7. In addition to Sunol, the EBRPD has park-specific wildflower guides for all of its parks (as well as a district-wide guide):


    • Thanks for the great resource. I wasn’t aware of it. It has been added to the list.


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