Posted by: Sandy Steinman | February 11, 2011

Wildflower Photography Tips

California Poppies at Table Mountain by Sandy Steinman

With the start of wildflower season I thought it would be a good time to list Wildflower Photography tips and books.  Included are a list of books I have found helpful for  flowers, close-up, and macro photography and links to flower photography online articles, websites and even a free e-book.

Books On Close-up, Macro and Flower Photography

Close-up Photography in Nature by Tim Fitzharris  emphasis is field technique, artful approaches and working in the wild)

How to Photograph Close-ups in Nature by Nancy Rotenberg and Michael Lustbrader ( emphasis is equipment and technique; film-oriented)

Focus on Flowers: Discovery and Photographing Beauty in Gardens and Wild Places by Allen Rokach and Anne Millman (emphasis is garden wand wild flower photography)

Macro Photography for Garden and Nature Lovers: The essential guide to Digital Techniques by Alan L Detrick (includes digital workflow as well as photographic technique)

Macro Photography: Photoworkshop by Haje Jan Kamps (format is lessons and assignments in macro photography, includes digital issues)

Fine Art Flower Photography: Creative Techniques and the Art of Observation by Tony Sweet  (book of creative flower photos with explanations of how they were made)

Links to a number of articles, websites and even a free eBook that you can find on-line.

Eight tips for photographing wildflowers by Steve Berardi from PhotoNaturalist and his free FREE eBook: 13 tips for better wildflower photography by Steve Berardi

Wildflower Photo Tips by Theresa A. Husarik

Wildflower Photo Tips from John Marshall

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  2. I live on the edge of wildflower heaven in the Smoky Mountains. I publish a daily Smoky Mountains news and photo blog. Here’s a link to a wildflower photo tip of mine:


    • Thanks for your suggestions. I also find a diffuser helpful in dealing with direct sunlight.


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