Posted by: Sandy Steinman | April 18, 2011

Best Texas Wildflower Sites

Texas is famous for its Bluebonnets (Lupinus texensis),  but has many other less well-known wildflowers.  Although Texas is currently having a drought, there are still places where wildflowers can  be seen.  Here are some of the top sites to find out what is in bloom and where.

Wild About Wildflowers  (wildflower reports from Texas Wildflower Sightings)

Wildflower Haven  (Texas wildflower reports)

Brenham County Bluebonnet and Wildflower Watch (wildflower reports for Brenahm County)

Texas Wildflower Sightings Report  (wildflower reports by photographer Gary Regner)

Texas Bluebonnet Sightings (Bluebonnet bloom reports)

Hunting Texas Wildflowers ( book covering over 75 wildflower locations)

Texas Hill Country Wildflowers: (blog about Texas Wildflowers)

Ladybird Johnson Wildflower Center  (includes wildflower forecasts, plant databases, event calendars)

Robert Hitchman’s “Photograph America”  has a 12 page newsletter on Texas Hill Country

DesertUSA  (although mainly a California focused site they do occasionally post Texas wildflower sightings) (an on-line plant search and identification guide for Texas)

Image Archive of Central Texas Plants:

Native Plant Society of Texas:

Native Plants Discussion Group:

Native Prairies Association of Texas:

Texas Native Shrubs:

Dallas Arboretum:

Texas Wildflower Haven  and Rob Greebon Photography (photos of Texas Wildflowers)

Portraits of Texas Wildflowers:  (photos and information on Texas wildflowers)


If you have suggestions for additions or comments on the above  sites please submit a comment.


  1. Hi Sandy,
    I’m a photographer in Texas and have a few websites and a blog for texas wildflowers if you’d like to include these in your listings. (my blog)
    I’m also glad to see you have Gary Regner’s site listed. He’s a great resource!


    • Thanks they are an excellent addition and I have included them on the Texas Wildflower page.


  2. […] website is now included in the Texas Wildflower Sites section of the Wildflower Reports: What’s Blooming Where on Natural History […]


  3. […] Texas Wildflower Sites […]


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