Posted by: Sandy Steinman | October 8, 2012

Rocky Mt. Fall Color Updated 10/8/12

Updated 10/28/12

Here are excerpts from new fall foliage reports at Rocky Mt. Nature Photographers Fall Color thread. Go to the site to see more reports and photos:

10/8/12  Aspens look good in Flagstaff. And I noticed a very nice dome of Aspens atop Bill Williams Mountain just south of Williams AZ.

10/7/12 McClure Pass, so we followed the road back to the visitor’s center, onto 65, then down Lands End Rd. Surprisingly, still some color on the west side, even some green mixed in. Further south there is a nice swath of color.

10/7/12 Grand Mesa to see if there was any color left. We did some exploring on the Collbran side. There was a lot of color on the highway which follows the creek, and a little color around Old Man Mountain, but not a lot. Further up the road toward the top, the trees were all naked.

10/7/12 Pagosa Springs, Chama, Santa Fe, onto Albuquerque. Pagaso Springs to Chama was lovely. I felt Chama on to the Pine area was a bit past peak. And by Santa Fe the clouds were thick. I could see the Aspen bands and they were yellow and looking good

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