Posted by: Sandy Steinman | September 26, 2012

Rocky Mt. Fall Color Updated 9/26/12


Fall Color is changing fast in the Rockies. Many areas peaking, some even past peak. Here are excerpts from new reports at Rocky Mt. Nature Photographers Fall Color thread:

9/26/12 County Road 7 just past peak. County Road 9 good, just before peak, two-thirds yellow, one-third green for best views. Dallas Divide looks good, mix of green and gold. Silver Jack near peak. West side of Owl Creek still mostly green.
Mountain Sky Photography

  • September 23rd:
    HWY 82 to independence pass, peak

    September 24th:
    Maroon Bells, peak
    Maroon Creek Rd, peak but some green left
    Castle Creek Rd, almost peak
    Ashcroft, peak with one grove past
    Cathedral Lake Trail View, past peak but still worth shooting.
    Capitol Peak, peak colors & snow

    September 25th:
    Mt. Sopris, 80%
    Carbondale, cottonwoods 70%
    Crystal River, cottonwoods 90%, aspens 70%
    Redstone, 70 %
    Hays Creek Falls, enough water to be worth shooting in overcast light
    McClure Pass, South/West side 50%, east side 50%
    Marble, 80%
    Crystal Mill, 90%

    September 26th:
    Cold weather is here and leaves are falling fast around Aspen above 9000ft.
    Maroon Bells, past peak but still good.
    Maroon Creek Rd, past peak but there are still some good groves and green trees.

9/25/12 Was in the Cripple Creek and Victor area today. Some areas, have gone past peak and dropped their leaves, but many areas are still peak or approaching peak. I think peak will be this weekend, so don’t delay.

9/25/12 Just left kebler pass. color very good. Near peak. 90 percent turned 5 percent green 5 percent fallen.

Go to Rocky Mt. Nature Photographers Fall Color to see photos, links and more reports.



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