Posted by: Sandy Steinman | October 8, 2012

Great Smokies Fall Color and Wildflower Report 10/8/12

The Great Smoky Mountains Association has new Fall Color and Wildflower Bloom Reports

Great Smokey Fall Color – October 8

The fall colors are now superb at the higher elevations of the Great Smoky Mountains, especially at elevations between 4,000 and 5,500 feet. Above this elevation, colors are past peak, though remnants still linger. Along Little River Road and in the Deep Creek area, and elsewhere at the lower elevations, early-changing species like blackgum, sourwood, dogwood, sumac, black walnut, and Virginia creeper are near peak.

This is a great time to take a drive on Newfound Gap Road, the Blue Ridge Parkway, or Balsam Mountain Road. Views from the scenic overlooks down onto the colorful forests are spectacular. Little River and Laurel Creek roads also offer pleasant fall scenery. Above average rainfall this year has meant that trees are still holding plenty of leaves and this could lead to an exceptional color season.

Look for a peak of fall colors at the lower elevations in late October and early November. Coincidentally, bears have been highly visible this month. Most bears are being sighted in trees eating wild grapes or acorns. Sightings have been in Cades Cove and along Cherokee Orchard Road. Visitors should never approach bears. Pull you car off the road when observing all wildlife.

See more fall Color Reports at: Fall Leaf Color Updates | Great Smoky Mountains Association

Great Smokey Wildflower Report  – October 5

Laurel Falls (Beginning to End) – Mountain Gentian, White Snakeroot, Curtis Aster, Whitewood Aster, Great Lobelia, Sweet White Violets (at least 2 dozen of them), Canadian Violets (3), Ladies Tresses (1), and Erect Goldenrod.

Cove Mountain (Beginning to End) – Curtis Aster, Whitewood Aster, Erect Goldenrod, Mountain Gentian, Curtis Milkwort, Great Lobelia, Late Purple Aster, and Gray Goldenrod.

See more fall wildflower Reports at:   Wildflower Updates | Great Smoky Mountains Association.

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