Posted by: Sandy Steinman | September 20, 2012

Rocky Mountain Fall Color Update

Mountain Sky Photography – Blog has just posted four days of report on fall color in the Rockies. I ha:ve posted his reports below but go to his site to see his photos at:


September 15:


Idaho Springs, very little change 10 to 15% at lower elevations.
Dumont, 20 to 25%, mountains above exit 230 for a very vibrant stands of yellow aspens
Guanella Pass, above Georgetown, 40%. Nice shot with the road and trees.
Cabin Creek Hydro, 70% approaching peak (clear Lake Campground). Stands before pass at and past peak, 10500ft. All brush at or past peak.
Just after pass 70% approaching peak. Best aspens on georgetown side.
285 from Glenalla pass to Kenosha Pass 30 to 40%
Kenosha Pass, 60-70% approaching peak

September 16:
Twin Lakes, 30 to 40%. The best location with ponds is dried-up.
Independence pass is very mixed, some 50%, some peak, some past peak.
Clear Creek Canyon Rd (CR390), 50-60%. Winfield near peak.
Cottonwood Pass, 50% lower elevations, 75% approaching peak higher, all brush on top of pass is peak or past, not many aspens heading towards Taylor reservoir or around it.
Taylor River near peak below reservoir, 40% change below. Major construction to Almont, 20-30 min delay.
Almont, Cotton woods around River 40%.
Everything Below (around Crested Butte): Patchy, lots of green, yellow, and some bare.
Carbon Creek ~20%
Ohio Pass, 40-50% but changing fast, some stands are already very vibrant
Kebler Pass, Top and just below (mountains viewable from switchbacks) 40-50%
Aspens around beaver pond view below East Beckwith 5-20%
Anthracite/Ruby Range View, 10% with the stands that turn Orange/Red already turned
Lost Lake, 10%
Marcelina Mt area, 20-30%

September 17th:
Shot the castles for sunrise and it was amazing! Noticed change in color from the day before.
Pinnacles at Miller Creek, 20%, hint of yellow in most of the green trees
Gunnison, cottonwoods 15 to 20%
Blue Mesa very low
Valley to Powderhorn, 20-30%
Lake Fork of the Gunnison River north of Lake City, cottonwoods 40%
Mountains around Lake City, 35% with good oranges

Alpine Loop to Engineer Pass
Nellie Creek Falls, 50%, beyond is peak
I got Aspen Overload on the Silver Thread Byway (CO 149), insane gold color everywhere south of Lake City
South of Lake City, 50%
Lake San Cristobal, 40%
Windy Point Overlook 30-40%
Aspens around Mt. Baldy Cinco, peak
North Clear Creek Falls, 50%
CR520, 70%
Rio Grande Reservoir, 70%

September 18th:
Stony Pass, peak
Silverton, 70%
Ophir Pass. 80% approaching peak
Red Mountain Pass, 70%
Cottonwoods in Valley before Ouray, 10%
County roads west of Ridgway, 10 to 15%
Ridges east of Ridgewest, 10%
The whole area around Ridgeway is very smoky and hazy.
Plateau north of Delta, 20%
McClure Pass, South/West side 20% with most yellows concentrated at the top, North Side the same, north side is under construction and one lane only.
Crystal River along 133, cottonwoods 40%
Glenwood Canyon 5%
Vail, 30-40%
Copper Mountain, Peak
Frisco, 80%


  1. […] Rocky Mountain Fall Color Update ( […]


  2. […] Rocky Mountain Fall Color Update ( […]


  3. Thanks for sharing my updates, your site has been extremely helpful!


    • Thanks for the original post. Your information was quite informative and invaluable to leaf-peepers and photographers.


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