Posted by: Sandy Steinman | February 3, 2011

California Birding and Wildlife Festival Calendars

Bird and Wildlife Festival Calendar

January 2018
11-14     Thur – Sun    Wings over Willcox, AZ
12-15     Fri – Mon      22nd Annual Morro Bay Bird Festival
20          Sat         11th Annual Galt Winter Bird Festival
24-28    Wed – Sun   20th Annual Chico Snow Goose Festival

February 2018
9-11 Fri – Sun 22nd Annual San Francisco Bay Flyway Festival
15-18 Thur – Sun 39th Annual Klamath Falls Winter Wings Festival
16-19 Fri-Mon Great Backyard Bird Count
*23-24 Fri – Sat 23rd Davis California Duck Days
21-25 Wed – Sun 22nd Annual San Diego Bay Bird Festival

March 2018
14-16 Wed-Fri Borrego Springs Desert Birding Festival
*24-25 Sat-Sun Wind Wolves Conservancy Spring Nature Festival – Maricopa

April 2018
18-24      Wed – Tues   22nd Annual Arcata Godwit Days Bird Festival
*21    Saturday     24th Annual Kern River Valley Spring Nature Festival             
27-29  Fri – Sun     Point Reyes Birding & Nature Festival        

May 2018
*12-13     Sat-Sun    International Migratory Bird Day                          
*18-19   Fri – Sat   20th Stillwater Spring Wings Bird Festival – Fallon, NV

June 2018
*24       Sunday    10th Annual Tahoe  Bird Festival
15-17    Fri – Sun    17th Annual Mono Lake Bird Chautaqua                         
*23-25   Fri-Sun      5th Annual San Francisco Bay Osprey Days                  


Santa Monica Bay Audubon Society   (best list of California Birding Festivals)

See California  (California Birding Festivals)

California Watchable Wildlife (California wildlife)

Everfest (global list of wildlife festivals)

If you are aware of a festival that is not mentioned here please submit a comment.


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  3. Wrong date for Monterey? I think they have now posted for September 25-28, 2014.


    • Thanks for the correction. I have updated the calendar with the correct dates.


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  7. Thank you so much for this!

    One wish I have is if you could figure out how to host this as an ical subscription for all of our digital calendars. What a time saver that would be(except for you I guess :p )


    • Sounds like a good idea but I have no idea how to do that. If you find out, I would be glad to share the information.


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