Posted by: Sandy Steinman | December 7, 2010

Bird Photography Tips

Websites and Blogs with Hints and Tips for Photographing Birds

Northern Pintails at the Sacramento Wildlife Refuge by Sandy Steinman

Bird Photography Tips 25 tips from Outdoor Eye

Bird Photography Nature Photographer Network a collection of over 20 articles

All About Birds the Cornell Lab of Ornithology’s collection of articles and information on bird Photography

Learning to be a bird photographer Golden Gate Birder

8 Tips For Photographing Birds  The PhotoNaturalist

Keys to Getting Sharp Photos of Birds in Flight The PhotoNaturalist

9 Tips For Photographing Perched Birds The PhotoNaturalist

Dphotojournal article on bird photography

If you have suggestions for additions please send a comment.

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  4. […] recently did a posting on  Bird Photography Tips.  As a follow-up I wanted to share what  some of the best bird photography sites.  Looking at […]


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