Posted by: Sandy Steinman | January 13, 2011

Great Bird Photography Sites

I recently did a posting on Bird Photography Tips.  As a follow-up I wanted to share what  some of the better bird photography sites.  Looking at great photography is an important part of learning to be a better photographer.

Arthur Morris’s Bird as Art is my absolute favorite. Not only does he document the birds, but has great shots of birds in their settings and some excellent points of view in his photos. His work is just great photography.  His site is well done. His book The Art of Bird Photography is often mentioned the best bird photography work. If you only check out one bird photographer this is the guy.

Alan Murphy  excellent bird photographer

Glen Bartley excellent bird and nature photographer

Mike Atkinson Bird Photography good photos


The next three are collections of avian image galleries with many participants:

  • Birds as Art at Flickr is a large collection of bird photography with good photos from all over the world
  • Nature Photographers Avain Gallery gallery of photos submitted by many participants at Nature Photographers Online Magazine
  • Birds gallery of photos submitted by many participants at NatureScapes.Net

If there are bird photographers that you like please add a comment.

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  1. […] Great Bird Photography Sites […]


  2. Great posts, thanks for the info!


  3. ( is a gallery of high resolution photos of around 3000 species. There are many many species not well photographed anywhere else on the net such as the Slaty-crowned Antpitta, Slender-tailed Woodstar, Tawny-breasted Tinamou, Bicolored Antpitta, Rust-and-yellow Tanager and numberous others. Our family Cracidae gallery is certainly the most complete on the net, as is possibly the Hummingbird gallery and others.


  4. Great Blog!


  5. Very nice post, very informative.

    I thought I would add a couple of sites to your list – Glenn Bartley and Alan Murphy, both are phenomenal bird photographers and have some excellent tips and tricks for the reader.



    • Thanks for the suggestions. I checked out both sites and liked what I saw. I added both to the Bird Photographer page and will spend some time looking at their work.


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