Posted by: Sandy Steinman | September 4, 2020

California Biodiversity Day 9/7/20

From The Jepson Herbarium

California Biodiversity Day takes place on September 7th of each year, marking the anniversary of the launch of the California Biodiversity Initiative in 2018. This annual event celebrates our state’s exceptional biodiversity, while also encouraging actions to protect it.

Starting Saturday, September 5, 2020, events are being held around the state and online to learn about and enjoy our special state. A full list of events is here:

The Jepson Herbarium is dedicated to studying and sharing resources about the floristic diversity in California. Our Jepson Video series is a great way to learn from home and become inspired by the natural beauty that surrounds us!

Below, we feature three recently released videos. The entire library is here:

Caulanthus anceps
Watch Now
Watch Now
Geraea canescens
Watch Now

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