Posted by: Sandy Steinman | June 11, 2020

Pt. Reyes Abbott’s Lagoon Wildflowers, Birds and Photos 6/9/20

For the first time since the “Shelter in Place” order started in March I did my first day trip. It was to Abbott’s Lagoon, my favorite trail at Pt. Reyes. It was a sunny day with comfortable temperatures and a nice day to be out even though the light was not ideal for photography.

There are many flowers in bloom along the trail  and in the dunes and beach.  The trail is lined with Yellow Bush Lupines, California Poppies (Yellow coastal form), Cow Parship, Yarrow and Poison Hemlock. Along the boardwalk the large Hedge-nettle are in bloom.  The dunes and open sandy areas have Sea Rocket, Yellow Sand-verbena, Beach Suncups, Fragrant Dune Lupine, Wavy-leaved Monardella, Gumplant, and Seaside Dandelion. These are many other plants in bloom as well.

Although I was mainly focused on flowers I also saw  Song Sparrow, California Quail,  American Crow, White-crowned Sparrow, Mallards, Raven, Red-winged Blackbird, Scrub Jay, Cliff Swallow, Northern Bluet Damselflies and a Garter Snake. I also saw a Red-tail Hawk before getting to the trail head and missed a bobcat spotted by other hikers

Allergy sufferer beware there is plenty of pollen from the grasses and watch out for poison oak as it often found along the trail

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