Posted by: Sandy Steinman | June 11, 2020

East Bay Regional Parks on Social Injustice

East Bay Regional Park A Message to Our Community

People throughout the country are struggling with hurt, pain, and anger over the chronic injustices, inequities, and violence against Black Americans—exemplified by the murder of George Floyd, as just one among the unacceptable numbers of Black Americans whose lives have been unjustly taken. This marked focus comes in the middle of a devastating health crisis that has people shut in place, millions unemployed, and over 100,000 lives lost in just a few months. Our communities are suffering. We cannot just be silent; we need to speak up, and we need to take action.

The East Bay Regional Park District stands with those in the community who are calling for significant and meaningful change. The Vision of the Park District is for our parklands to forever provide opportunity for a growing and diverse community to experience nature nearby. We humbly offer our parks and trails as peaceful places of respite for our entire East Bay community. While we strive for parks to be inclusive places for all, and while our Vision seeks to “recognize the cultural diversity represented in the region,” we acknowledge there is work to be done. We commit to being part of the necessary change to realize a just society.
We welcome your thoughts, ideas, comments for how we can ensure everyone has access and feels safe and welcome in our parks. We take this responsibility and commitment seriously. We hear you. We are listening. Today and every day, we are listening.
Our goal is for our parks to be places of peace and hope.
Robert E. Doyle
General Manager

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