Posted by: Sandy Steinman | March 17, 2019

Mt. Burdell Flowers, Birds & Photos 3/17/19

Today we went to Mt. Burdell to see the early season flower bloom. We went in the south side of Mt. Burdell entering from San Carlos Way The largest displays were of California Buttercups. There were also large numbers of Blue Dicks and California Poppies.

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Click Read more to see plant list of all plants seen in bloom

Bird List:

Plant List:   A=Alien

Taraxacum officinale/Dandelion A

Phacelia distans/Fern-leaved White Phacelia

Erodium sp./Filaree A

Sisyrinchium bellum/Blue-eyed Grass

Sidalcea malviflora/Perennial Tall Checkerbloom

Taraxia ovata/Suncups

Castilleja densiflora/Owl’s clover

Triphysaria versicolor/Butter-and-eggs

Eschscholzia californica/California Poppy

Platystemon californicus/Cream Cups

Ranunculus californicus/California Buttercup

Dichelostemma  capitatum/Blue Dicks

Lomatium sp,/Hog Fennel

Blennosperma annum/Common Stickyseed

Lasthenia californica/ California Goldfields


California Ringlet

Cabbage White

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