Posted by: Sandy Steinman | March 17, 2019

Lake Elsinore Closed Due Bad Behavior & Crowds Creating “Super Bloom Apocalypse”

 The Desert Sun reports on the closing of Lake Elsinore due to destructive and dangerous behavior in the poppy fields.

The poppies did not pop up on a flat stretch of land, but instead found home on the steep sides of the canyon. This did not deter visitors. Wildflower-seekers slid and fell down the side of Walker Canyon that was never meant to be hiked on, though some managed to do so anyways — even in very chic wedge heels. Families and Instagram-influencer wannabes alike attempted feats of free-climbing and scrambling as large boulders toppled down behind them as every step kicked more rocks loose, threatening to squish children or seniors who couldn’t lunge out of the way fast enough.

And it was hard for some to make a quick lunge while attempting to push a baby stroller up the canyon, carrying a puppy that clearly didn’t want to participate in the photo shoot or balancing light reflectors to capture the perfect Instagram shot.

At least one injury was reported Saturday afternoon, though ambulances were continuously driving to and from the canyon.

Read story and see photos at Poppy fields in Lake Elsinore shut down to the public amid Super Bloom apocalypse


  1. […] I have decided to temporarily suspend most new wildflower bloom updates due to the destruction that is occurring from all the “Super Bloom” mania. For an example of this see the posting Lake Elsinore Closed Due Bad Behavior & Crowds Creating “Super Bloom Apocalypse” […]


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