Posted by: Sandy Steinman | May 22, 2018

California Summer Wildflower Hotspots

Here is a list with links I have compiled of California Summer Wildflower Hotspots. Each link brings you a previously published post on Natural History Wanderings that includes a list of resources for each location.

You might also find these two collections helpful:

If you are heading further north towards Oregon and Washington check out this list of resources Wildflower Hunting in Washington and Oregon


  1. Thank you for sharing!


  2. Hi Sandy, Are you familiar with the publication Wildflower Hotspots of the Eastern Sierra? It is a BLM publication, available for about $2.00 (!) at east side Forest Service visitor centers and very nicely done. A great resource for east side trips. And I just discovered it is available online too: Happy hunting, Erika

    Erika Perloff


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