Posted by: Sandy Steinman | October 30, 2014

New York Fall Color 10/29/2014

Fall Foliage in New York | Autumn Leaves, Scenic Drive has a new report for the week of Oct. 29

Albany, N.Y. – Bright, beautiful peak foliage is expected to arrive on Long Island this weekend, with areas of near peak foliage in New York City, according to observers for Empire State Development’s I LOVE NEW YORK program.

Peak foliage is expected across most of Long Island this weekend according to I LOVE NEW YORK foliage spotters. In Suffolk County, leaf peepers reporting from the East End expect peak foliage with more than 60 percent color change and bright orange, yellow, red, purple, and still many green leaves. Spotters based in Melville also expect areas of peak and near peak foliage across western Suffolk County and Nassau County this weekend, with bright orange, yellow, red, purple, and green leaves. Some nice color has been noted along the Northern State Parkway between exits 25 and 29, with very tall trees on the roadsides giving a canyon-wall type effect with a surrounding ‘sea’ of color.

In New York City look for near peak foliage  with 50 percent or more color change, depending on the area, and shades of yellow leaves of average brilliance, along with orange and deep red leaves in some neighborhoods.

All other regions of the state are now past peak.

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