Posted by: Sandy Steinman | July 17, 2013

Cal. Forestry Dept. Doesn’t Protect Spotted Owl

The Environmental Protection Information Center (EPIC) reports that the California Board of Forestry and Fire Protection declined to implement protections for the Northern Spotted Owl. The next step in attempting to create protection for the Northern Spotted Owl will be a hearing by the California Fish and Game Commission on August 7 where the commission will vote on whether to give the owl protected status under the California Endangered Species Act.

Read more at: Environmental Protection Information Center (EPIC) » Board of Forestry Fails to Protect the Spotted Owl


  1. It’s too bad we can’t break through the public mind the realization that the Endangered Species Act has more to do with protecting ecosystems of which particular species are indicators. Otherwise, the public still tends to see Spotted Owl ( or Snail Darter, or….) vs. the whole economy, and they’ll always vote in favor of the vague notion called “jobs.” Meanwhile, continuing not to recognize all jobs ultimately depend on ecosystems. Ignorance still reigns.


    • Well said. Too often people look at only one piece of the picture and not the ecosystem. Habitat protection is always about a lot more than one species.


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