Posted by: Sandy Steinman | July 17, 2013

UK Butterflies At “Historic Low” Number

BBC Nature has an article that conservationists report UK butterflies are at a historic low. The declines have been intensified by last year’s wet summer and the recent cold spring. Last year’s butterfly count of had declines in 15 of 21 species making last year the worst year on record. The 2013 count has not yet taken place.

Read more at: BBC Nature – UK butterfly numbers at ‘historic low’, warn charity.


  1. […] As you know, I’m learning about Lepidoptera with support from my fellow blogger Finn Holding at The Naturephile. Also several other ecologists and gardeners whose blogs I follow, including Mike Dilger at The Garden Smallholder. I’m grateful to Mike for informing me about the Big Butterfly Count. You can watch a film of him on the Big Butterfly Count website. Across the Pond, I’m grateful to Sandy Steinman at Natural History Wanderings for pointing out how British butterflies are important to watch. […]


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