Posted by: Sandy Steinman | April 15, 2013

Regional Parks Botanic Garden Flowers 4/14/13

On Sunday I spent the day with Daniel Mosquin who publishes the Botany Photo of the Day website visiting the Berkeley Botanic Gardens. The Botany Photo of the Day  site features a photos and description of a different plant each day. On April 12 the site featured Agave Shawii from the Regional Parks Botanic Garden  in Tilden Park in Berkeley, CA. To my surprise they actually used my photo for this post. If you haven’t been to the site I would suggest checking it out.

We spent the  morning in the Regional Parks Botanic Garden where the spring bloom continues to increase. I have been especially enjoying the raised bulb beds, which feature many photogenic and rare flowers. The Seacliff section is also showing a lot of color now. I was especially pleased to see who well the rare Pt. Reyes Meadowfoam or Yellow Meadowfoam/Limnanthes ssp. sulphurea. This Meadowfoam is endemic to a few spots in the Bay Area and was looking even better than the ones I saw at Pt. Reyes last week. It is a good time to visit.  Although it was a very bright harsh sun I took  photos using a diffuser or shade where I could find it when possible. A few of the photos are of flowers in pots that were part of the preparation for this Saturday’s Native Plant Sale. Here are my best efforts:

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