Posted by: Sandy Steinman | April 15, 2013

Pinnacle, Fort Hunter Liggett and Big Sur Wildflower Report 4/15/13

Calphoto had the following post for the Pinnacle, Fort Hunter Liggett and Big Sur

Pinnacles: South Wilderness Trail, which we’d never done before. There were some nice washes of bush lupines and CA poppies along the way, and a few bush poppies and johnny jumpups in bloom, pleasant but nothing spectacular. Then we went toward and a bit up the High Peaks trail, which was crispier than I’m used to seeing it at this time of year. Saw a variety of species in bloom along the way, most in small, scattered numbers: paintbrush, wallflower, yarrow, poppies, *lots* of clematis, a few clarkia, black sage, nemophila and chinese houses along the shadier paths.

… driving through Fort Hunter Liggett and down Nacimiento road. There were lovely fields of lupines, goldfields, owl’s clover and what appeared to be several hillsides covered in chinese houses (but we were in the middle of an Army convoy at the moment so couldn’t stop for those.)

Heading down Nacimiento road was very satisfying, a variety of species lining the road, several gorgeous lookouts full of blooms (including one big, dramatic hillside covered in poppies), and seeing all this while dropping down into Big Sur is something that’s now on my list of Things To Do every spring. Highway 1 was also nice, hillsides covered in a white flower I don’t know, yellow lupines, ceanothus and others here and there, one huge field of dense poppies right along the coast. It’s still early for most coastal bluff blooms, but a few yellow sand verbenas were seen on windy Andrew Molera beach.

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