Posted by: Sandy Steinman | November 26, 2012

New California Policies Help Seabirds

Golden Gate Audubon reported on the California Fish and Game Commission’s unanimous approval of new policies governing the harvesting of small fish, Small fish including anchovies, sardine, herring and squid are a critical part of the diet of birds and wildlife. Audubon reports that the new policy which included representatives from both the fishing industries and conservation groups includes:

The policy prevents the expansion of existing fisheries or the initiation of new fisheries until more is known about the needs of predator species such as seabirds, sharks, tuna and sea otters, and that these needs can be explicitly included in fisheries management plans. Catch quotas on currently fished species such squid and herring will not increase without first ensuring enough is set aside for predators.

The policy puts similar conditions on the development of new fisheries on currently unfished species such as sand lance, an important prey item for California breeding seabirds like Common Murre, Tufted Puffin and Marbled Murrelet.

Read more at A Win for Forage Fish, and the Birds that Eat Them.


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