Posted by: Sandy Steinman | November 26, 2012

New Comet May Be One Of The Brightest Ever

National Geographic reported that astronomers have discovered a new comet that may be one of the brightest ones seen by humans. The comet is identified as  “comet 2012 S1” (ISON). The comet is almost two miles wide and will fly close to the sun. It will be brightest in the weeks right after November 28, 2013.  The big “if” is that the comet may not survive its close encounter with the sun.  The heat of the sun could cause the ice and  rubble that make up the comet to come apart. If the comet does survive it could be brighter than but not larger than the moon. Read more at National Geographic New Comet Discovered—May Become “One of Brightest in History”.

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