Posted by: Sandy Steinman | September 24, 2012

Rocky Mt. Fall Color Updated 9/24/12

Here are excerpts from new reports at Rocky Mt. Nature Photographers Fall Color thread:

9/24/12 yesterday’s conditions in Big Tesuque near Santa Fe: nearing peak up high, more green remaining the lower you go. I’d say they’re running about a week ahead of normal. The trees are mostly looking pretty nice this year (except the ones just downhill of the road, which always look like hell).

9/24/12 posted on Miranda forum in fall color thread that highway 92 along Black Canyon was fantastic color at this time

  • Independence Pass: Twin Lakes Side, just about peak, really good colors, Aspen side still fairly green near Aspen, some good groves on the way down at about peak.
  • Castle Creek: First 1/4 section, still very green, middle section about peak and at Ashcroft, it’s peak/past peak.
  • Maroon Bells:  it’s peaking, I think it might start dropping later this week in my opinion.

9/23/12 Colors in northern Utah are peaking.

9/23/12 Marble, Crystal City, McClure Pass and Maroon Bells area are at 85% peak.

9/23/12 North Park is now getting past peak. Poudre & Cameron very nice today (Sun, Sept 23). Hazy all over N Park.

9/23/12 Lake city is phenomenal, great colors everywhere. Nellie creek falls is at peak. Capitol city is a bit past peak but still nice. I’m going to spend another day here and head out to kebler tomorrow.
Update: between lake city and creede is almost done, it gets worse as you go east, after slumgullion is almost completely gone, don’t waste the drive.

9/23/12 San Juan info:

  • from cimarron to silver jack res, looking good. still plenty of green, but the yellows and reds are vibrant and about 50% ish overall. the brush also looking particularly brilliant with loads of reds, greens, oranges, rust, and yellows.
  • silver jack res to owl creek pass looking good – plenty of gold aspen – can’t give a percentage but more than 50%, if that helps.
  • from owl creek pass to ridgway – if i didn’t know better, i’d swear it was still summer. mostly green, but a good healthy looking green which is promising. some patches of yellow, but it’s like 10%? night and day difference from the other side.
  • county rd 5, coming along, but still loads of green. golds and oranges up high on the slopes of the sneffels range on eastern side, but predominantly green down low. i dunno – 30% overall? i’m giving it 3 days before i go back.
  • last dollar (north side) – still lots of greens although as you swing around back, it has a few stands of nice golds abutting big stands of dark summery greens.

Go to Rocky Mt. Nature Photographers Fall Color to see photos, links and more reports.

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