Posted by: Sandy Steinman | August 18, 2012

Two New Owl Species

ScienceDaily reported on the discovery of two new species of owls in the Philippines. A major factor in identifying the new species is that owls do not learn their songs. Their songs are genetically programmed in their DNA so when owls have different songs are the species are different.

The Camiguin Hawk-owl, is found only on the small island of Camiguin Sur. It is  geographically close to Mindanao but has different physical characteristics and voice. Its song builds in intensity with a distinctive low growling tone.

It was believed that the Cebu Hawk-owl was extinct due to deforestation. It had never been considered a distinct form. However, study of its structure and vocalizations confirmed that it is a new species.

Read more at ScienceDaily  Two new owl species discovered in the Philippines.

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