Posted by: Sandy Steinman | August 17, 2012

Endangered Protections Sought For Great White Shark

A 2011 study reveals the West Coast adult and sub-adult of great white sharks is only a total of about 350, which is lower than thought and poses a serious extinction risk. White sharks populations are hampered by low reproductive output, slow growth rate, late maturity and high mortality rates during the first year. The biggest threat to the Great Whites is gillnets, which are used to catch commercial fish but capture and kill great white sharks.

Oceana, the Center for Biological Diversity and SharkStewards have  filed a scientific petition with the National Marine Fisheries Service in Washington, D.C., seeking to protect the West Coast population of great white sharks under the Endangered Species Act. This week, they will also seek protection under California’s Endangered Species Act.

Read more at press release from Center for Biological Diversity:Endangered Species Act Protection Sought for Great White Sharks off West Coast

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