Posted by: Sandy Steinman | February 16, 2012

Northern Arizona Area Poppy Bloom – updated 2/17/12

Updated 2/17/12

 Wild in Arizona Reports:

“Fields of Mexican Gold Poppies are ringing Peachville mountain now. The west side can be reached from Happy Camp road, high clearance vehicle from the saddle to the corral is the best blooms just 50-100 yards from the road. The center 4×4 road up Peachville Mt. will get you into the south blooms turn at the windmill. Also follow Silver King mine road to the get close to the east side bloom where most of these shots are from. With the rain today expect a second bloom here in March. Most likely a Lupine bloom the ground is covered with small plants and some are just starting.”

Read all of their reports at:

DesertUSA reports:

“The San Carlos Apache Reservation 20-minutes east of Globe is another destination flower photographers should plan on for day-trips this month. As of Thursday 2/16 Mexican Goldpoppies already cover acres-wide swaths of south-facing slopes.”

Read full report at:  Desert Wildflower reports Phoenix and Northern Arizona Area – DesertUSA

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