Posted by: Sandy Steinman | June 16, 2022

Yellowstone Flooding Updates

The New York Times reports

Parts of the national park may stay off-limits for the rest of the season. Visitors were evacuated after record rainfall washed away roads and bridges, the authorities said.

Yellowstone National Park, punished over four days by record rains and melting snow that caused floods and mudslides and drove more than 10,000 visitors to safety, will remain closed for about a week, and the most severely damaged northern section may stay closed for the rest of the season, officials said Tuesday.

The park’s southern loop will be reopened sooner, while entrances to the northern half of the park will likely remain closed until late October or early November, the superintendent of the park, Cam Sholly, said in a news conference.

Read more at Yellowstone Park, Staggered by Rain and Floods, Will Stay Closed for Days

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