Posted by: Sandy Steinman | May 4, 2021

 2021 Eta Aquariid Meteor Showers  May 5 and 6 

EarthSky reports

In 2021, the forecast calls for the greatest number of Eta Aquariid meteors to fall before dawn on May 5. If you’re clouded out, try the morning of May 6.

It might seem to you as if meteor showers are one-night affairs, and, it’s true, there’s usually one late night or early morning that’ll provide the best show. But most meteors in annual showers rain down over many days, or even weeks. In 2021, the forecast for May’s Eta Aquariid shower calls for the greatest number of meteors to fall before dawn on Wednesday, May 5. The mornings around that date – May 4 and 6 – might give you a good sprinkling of meteors as well. Note phase of the moon. There’s more moon on the morning of May 4 than May 5. In 2021, on the mornings of May 5 or 6, we don’t expect the light of a waning crescent moon – rising near the time of dawn – to intrude too greatly. The moon might even add a little something to your early-morning meteor drama, as it joins up with the bright morning planets, Jupiter and Saturn, on May 4 and 5.

Read more and see chart at  Best mornings for Eta Aquariid meteors likely May 5 and 6 | Astronomy Essentials | EarthSky

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