Posted by: Sandy Steinman | March 13, 2021

Conservation of the genus Dudleya 3/16/21

An integrative approach to conservation of the genus Dudleya: ongoing efforts to protect the liveforevers w/ Kristen Lehman of the Santa Barbara Botanic Garden
Tuesday, March 16th, 2021 at 7:00PM 

Abstract: The genus Dudleya is loved by California native plant enthusiasts both in the field and in the garden for its beauty and diverse forms. However, the live-forevers are also one of the most famous targets of poaching and a focus for plant conservation issues in the state. Conservation Geneticist Kristen Hasenstab-Lehman will discuss ongoing collaborative approaches being used at Santa Barbara Botanic Garden to understand and conserve members of this charismatic genus. She will discuss studies that include post-fire surveys, impact assessments, and greenhouse efforts to bulk populations in the Woolsey Fire burn scar. She will also dive into the use of genomics approaches to characterize hybridization, and important evolutionary patterns that will lead to understanding why Dudleya is so diverse in form and ecology, as well as aid in new species descriptions.
Biography: Kristen is an evolutionary biologist and California plant loving botanist whom oversees the conservation genetics lab at the Santa Barbara Botanic Garden. She integrates field studies, molecular tools and histological techniques to document biodiversity. Through her studies she seeks to understand the interplay of ecological and evolutionary effects on plants and ecosystems of conservation concern. After receiving a M.S. at San Diego State University, Kristen earned her Ph.D. in Botany at California Botanic Garden and worked at the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History in the plant DNA barcoding lab. She has worked with California native plants since 2006.
Meeting ID: 931 0981 2885
Passcode: 753984
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