Posted by: Sandy Steinman | December 22, 2020

A Colorado River Win for the Navajo Nation as Congress Passes Major Omnibus

Audubon Western Water News reports

For decades, too many Native American tribes in the Colorado River basin have been denied their fair share of water. Too many families on too many reservations have not had the access to clean water that most Americans enjoy. Today, Congress took a step in the right direction with the Navajo-Utah Water Rights Settlement Act, a bill included in the large omnibus package, the final legislative act of 2020. Audubon supported this settlement and its many benefits including:

  • Long-needed water infrastructure for citizens of the Navajo Nation in Utah, as well as access to freshwater and wastewater facilities
  • Affirmed allocation of 81,500 acre-feet of water for the tribe in Utah

Read full article at A Colorado River Win for the Navajo Nation as Congress Passes Major Omnibus | Audubon

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