Posted by: Sandy Steinman | May 12, 2020

How to Photograph Birds in Flight 

Cornell Lab of Ornithology has an article how tips for photographing birds in Flight

Successfully shooting birds in flight is rewarding and exciting, but it takes a lot of patience and there is no single surefire approach to it. If every bird in flight were a slow-flying, high-contrast Osprey against a clear blue sky, the task would be easier. But try photographing a puffin flying 50 mph against a dark cliff in flat light! Camera and lens capabilities, birds’ flight styles and speeds, plumage effects on autofocus performance, quality of light, and variable backgrounds—all of these factors and more can make photographing birds in flight challenging and frustrating. But don’t despair! Try these tips and best practices—they’ll get you started photographing birds in flight.

Read more at  How to Photograph Birds in Flight | All About Birds All About Birds

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