Posted by: Sandy Steinman | February 28, 2020

Wildflowers around California 2/28/20

Recent postings for wildflower sighting in California. Go to each site to see photos and older postings.

California Wildflower Report

  • Oenothera deltoides (birdcage evening primrose) for miles and miles right now across the Algodones Dunes. We even found a few fastigated individuals.
  • Off Hwy 14 Between Rosamond and Mojave.
    Desert Sunflower I believe (Geraea canescens).

California Wildflower Tipline

  • Photo for the Ray Miller Trail ” Santa Monica Mountains February 23, 2020

California Wildflower Report

  • Flowers are happening now past the college in Ridgecrest. It smells amazing with the Evening Snow in bloom.
  • video – Wildflowers on Menifee Road near Newport in Menifee California
  • Trillium Giant Trillium-Montana de Oro State Park
  • Malacothrix glabrata , Desert dandelion are doing fine.
    Like Coyote Canyon, Rockhouse Canyon or around town along the S3.
  • Scarlet fritillary, Fritillaria recurva, at Rockville Hills Regional Park near Fairfield.


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