Posted by: Sandy Steinman | January 29, 2020

Early Season Bloom Report For Anza-Borrego

Source: Bloom report out of the Anza-Borrego Desert

2020-January-24 We had significant rain in 2019

Things don’t look bad YET, for spring flowers, germination is good and wide spread.
The lack of recent rain, without predicted rain combined with higher temperatures, things are very uncertain.
This might force the plants to start blooming when they are still small.

This season doesn’t look like a Superbloom, maybe a normal or below average bloom.
The bad news, Sahara Mustard, London rocket and other bad plants are thriving, by the millions, in some places 100% of the plants are non native.

So even if the bloom might be OK, it could get drowned in a forest of non-native plants.

Additional info:

Tom Chester Anza-Borrego Desert Facebook Anza-Borrego Desert SP Bloom page ABDNHA Bloom page

January/26/2020 Coyote Canyon second to third crossing Tom Chester
Species in bloom: 63.


  1. London rocket seems out of place! I think we just call it wild rocket in the UK! Difficult with such global links that there are so many more plants competing.


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