Posted by: Sandy Steinman | November 9, 2019

Help Support Bird Bird-Safe Buildings in Berkeley

from Golden Gate Audubon
Up to 1 billion birds die in window collisions each year….
Support a bird-safe building ordinance for Berkeley!
Next Tuesday, November 12, Berkeley has a chance to join the forefront of cities protecting their bird populations.

The City Council will consider a Bird-Safe Building and Dark Skies ordinance that we at Golden Gate Audubon Society support and helped develop. Like similar ordinances we’ve helped pass in San Francisco, Oakland, Richmond, and Alameda, it will apply to new construction or major remodels and will require builders or property owners to take steps to prevent bird-building collisions.

The city’s Community Environmental Action Commission has recommended approval of the Bird Safety and Dark Skies Ordinance.

But to ensure its passage, the Council needs to hear from Berkeley residents – like you.

What you can do:

Email your support for the Bird-Safe Building and Dark Skies ordinance  to  Please do this as soon as possible—today!—so that the Council members and Mayor can read your comments before the meeting. The ordinance is item 32 on the November 12 agenda. Let them know you are a city resident.

Join us on Tuesday at the Council meeting in the School District Board Room (1231 Addison Street)  to speak in favor of Bird-Safe Buildings. The meeting starts at 6 p.m., but this is item 32 on the agenda, so it may be not be heard until late in the evening. People will have an opportunity to give short statements of two minutes or less.

Click here to read the proposed ordinance.

Click here for background information on bird-safe buildings and Berkeley birds.

Below are some quick talking/writing points. But the most important thing is to speak from your own love of birds, and let them know you’re a Berkeley resident.

Our resident and migratory birds face many pressures today, from climate change to loss of habitat. This is one small but significant step we can take to help them survive.

Click read for Talking/Writing Points for Bird-Safe Buildings in Berkeley

Talking/Writing Points for Bird-Safe Buildings in Berkeley
  • I live in Berkeley and care about birds because __________________, OR
  • Here are some of the beautiful species or special moments I’ve experienced viewing birds in Berkeley:__________________.
  • Because birds can’t see glass, bird-building collisions are one of the biggest current threats to birds.
  • This ordinance is a reasonable way to protect birds while allowing for continued urban growth and development.
  • Bird-safe building techniques can save money and energy, as well as reducing bird deaths. They can easily be incorporated into architectural design with little or no additional cost.
  • I would be proud to see Berkeley in the forefront nationally of incorporating measures that protect wildlife into urban planning.
  • If you’re emailing, include your address.

GGAS logo_1205outline
Golden Gate Audubon Society
2530 San Pablo Avenue, Suite G
Berkeley, CA 94702
(510) 843-2222


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