Posted by: Sandy Steinman | August 31, 2019

Mt. Rainier Wildflowers 8/30/19

Mt. Rainier National Park reports

Currently Blooming

Subalpine meadows in the park are transitioning from summer wildflowers to fall colors. Late season wildflowers like Cascade aster (Aster ledophyllus) are still blooming, but huckleberry shrubs are also starting to turn red. From butterflies seeking flower nectar to bears foraging for berries, wildlife in the park is working hard to gather energy before the season changes.
can be found throughout the park in wetter mid-to-subalpine elevations.

Wildflower Reports

  • Sunrise (8/27) – subalpine daisy, Cascade aster, bistort, gray’s lovage, subalpine lupine
  • Paradise (8/27) – bistort, arrowleaf groundsel, Cascade aster, pasqueflower seedhead, pearly everlasting, rosy spirea
  • Mowich Lake (8/21) – pearly everlasting, yarrow, Gray’s lovage, Cascade aster, sitka valerian, arnica, mountain bog gentian

See photos at Mount Rainier Flickr group!


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