Posted by: Sandy Steinman | August 16, 2019

Homestead Valley Land Trust Wildflowers 8/15/19

Homestead Valley has a new wildflower update. See photos Homestead Valley August 15

– Pennyroyal*, a mint, native to Europe, is blooming purple near the creek below Cowboy Rock.
– Pincushion flower*, native to Europe, is blooming in a variety of colors from lavender to burgundy in the meadow at Cowboy Rock.
– Spicebush, a shrub with frilly burgundy flowers is blooming below the upper bridge in Three Groves.

– American trailplant blooms with a small white flower at the top of a tall stalk above a bed of arrow shaped leaves.
– California honeysuckle is blooming with pink flowers on vines climbing bushes and trees.
– California spikenard is blooming along creeks in forests with spherical balls tipped with white flowers.
– Hellebore*, an orchid, is native to Eurasia and is blooming now in forests with stalks of greenish purple flowers.
– Roughleaf aster is blooming in forests.
– Toyon, this tree or large shrub is blooming with white clusters throughout the valley.
– White hawkweed blooms at the end of long stalks with white flowers.

Forest edges
– American speedwell, a pretty purple flower grows in moist seeps.
– Common California aster blooms with purple ray flowers on tall stalks.
– Latin American fleabane*, native of Central America, has colonized a small area below Amaranth.

– California everlasting has clusters of tight white flowers and blooms in meadows.
– California poppy, orange and bright, it’s starting to bloom now and will continue late into the summer.
– Coast tarweed, with its tall stalks of tightly clustered yellow flowers blooms in meadows and has a distinctive ‘tar’ smell when rubbed.
– Common yarrow with its tight white umbel is blooming in full sun on the ridge.
– Hayfield tarweed is blooming bright yellow on Kerouac Hill.
– Kellogg’s yampah has white flower umbels on tall naked stems and is blooming in meadows.
– Lance leaf selfheal is blooming in bright sun with rich velvety purple whirled clusters.
– Pink cudweed, a tall straw flower is blooming pink with a yellow center on Homestead Hill.
– Purple western morning glory, a vine with pink to cream trumpet flowers is blooming on the ridge of Homestead Hill.
– Queen Anne’s lace*, native of Europe, is blooming with tall white flowers.
– Sticky monkeyflower with its orange flower blooms in sunny spots and will bloom all summer.

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