Posted by: Sandy Steinman | July 7, 2019

Yosemite Wildflowers July 4, 2019

Driving Through Yosemite High Country wildflowers were blooming mostly at the lower parts of Tioga Pass Rd.

Crane Flat was our first stop. It was early and less in bloom than past years for the beginning of July. Lots of bistort,, Corn Lilies just starting. We did find several other  flowers in bloom: a Lupine, Common Monkeyflowers, Crimson Columbine, Cow Parsnip, Stickseed. Lilies were only in bud. There were Ravens, lots of Juncos and we saw A Pileated Woodpecker.

We found the flowers in the meadow about a mile down the road was further along. Here we saw lots of Farewell-to-Spring Clarkias, several Lechlin’s Mariposa Lilies, Common Monkeyflower, a Trifolium Clover probably T.woldenovii or T. wormskioldii, Mule’s Ears, Bistort, a buttercup that grew by water, Streamside Bells (Mertensia ciliatavar. stomatechoides), Yarrow, a Lupine, Purple Larkspur, Gayophytum, Mustang Clover, Pretty Face, Mountain Violet.

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Driving along 120 there were great displays of Mt. Pride, which seemed to be in peak bloom. Also seen were more Pretty Face, Mountain Violet, Wall Flowers, one Snowplant and Pussy Paws.

We stopped by the Jefferey Pine Pullover. It was early here as well. We found more Pretty Face, Mountain Violet, a tiny pink monkeyflower, Nevada Lewisia, Mustang Clover, Blue-eyed Mary, Dwarf Lousewort, and Pussy Paws.

As we continued along 120 we saw many of these flowers again, more displays of Mountain Pride, Red-Orange Paintbrush, Snowplant, and displays of a small yellow Monkeyflower in a dry area.

Near Ellery Lake we found a number of Alpine Gold in bloom and nice displays of Showy Penstemon.

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