Posted by: Sandy Steinman | July 7, 2019

Bodie Hills Wildflowers July 5, 2019

Bodie Hills Wildflower Drive:  

On highway 395 to Bridgeport we saw Sulphur Buckwheat, Lupine, Chaenactis, Evening Primrose, and Prickly Poppy. Also a large, active  Cliff Swallow nesting area.

In spite of the sign at the beginning of Aurora Rd. saying you couldn’t drive all the way to Bodie we were able to do it with one easy short detour and two easy water crossings. I would recommend doing this drive in a high clearance vehicle. 

On Aurora Rd. we saw Prickly Poppy, lots of Interior Rose, a few small Apricot Mallow, Pale Purple Lupine, Round-leaf Snowberry, Mormon Tea, Yarrow. We found some nice displays of a white Astragalus,  Western Blue Flag Iris, Stinging Nettle, Calochortus bruneaunis, red Paintbrush (possibly two species), Coyote Mint, Chaenactis, Elk Thistle, Nevada Blue-eyed Grass, Yarrow, Whorled  or Meadow Penstemon rydbergii var. oreocharis, Allium sp. Gayophytum, a Buttercup, a Potentilla, a Camisonia subacaulis, Single-stemmed Groundsel.

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3.6 miles past the Bodie Hills sign we found one of the best flower patches with many species and a large number of Calochortus.

Continuing on we found Common Monkeyflower, lots of Bitterbrush—air filled with lovely scent, a currant, Coyote Tobacco, Dugaldia hoopesii, Castilleja pilosa

Also seen were a minuscule linanthes—like a little yellow mustang clover and a minuscule Forget-me-not

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