Posted by: Sandy Steinman | May 1, 2019

Southern California Mountain Lion Multi-Media Presentations

Join Patagonia and Los Padres ForestWatch for an exhilarating multi-media presentation with Jim Williams, one of the world’s most renowned mountain lion experts. His recent book, Path of the Puma: The Remarkable Resilience of the Mountain Lion (Patagonia Books, 2018), celebrates wildlife research and the conservation of big cats from Canada’s southern Yukon Territory to Tierra del Fuego in Argentina and Chile. Exploring what makes this cat so resilient and resourceful, he shares stories of magical landscapes, remarkable wildlife habitats, and the people who work to protect them.
MAY 7 at 7:00p
Ludwick Community Center
864 Santa Rosa St
Beer by Fig Mtn Brew
Light Appetizers
Local Wines
MAY 8 at 7:00p
The Sandbox
414 Olive St
Food by Chef Jake O. Francis
Beer by Fig Mtn Brew
Local Wines
MAY 9 at 7:00p
235 W Santa Clara St
Hosted by Patagonia’s Great Pacific Iron Works Store
Light Refreshments + Beer by Patagonia Provisions

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