Posted by: Sandy Steinman | April 30, 2019

Salt Point Wildflowers & Photos: Stump Beach 4/29/19

Report and photos submitted by Kathi Dowdakin

On a walk & talk with Ann Howald, botanist extraordinaire.  Overcast, then clearing to a pleasant 57 degrees and a light wind on the headlands.  Cormorants on the rocks, and some Oystercatchers too.  Plenty of Solitary Bees digging holes in the soil.  A small pool with lots of tadpoles.  The flowers are still fresh and worth the drive.  Not pictured:  checkerbloom, purple violet, bush lupines, lots of dwarfed shrubs & trees.
Kruse Rhododendron Reserve is not blooming yet, except for the yellow violets.  The Clintonia, Coral-root, and Coast Lily are still days, maybe weeks, away from flowering.
There are some Coast Lilies in bloom along Hwy 1, near MM 38.8.  Not a safe place to do anything but look at them unfortunately.

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