Posted by: Sandy Steinman | March 28, 2019

Texas Hill Country Wildflowers 3/28/19

Texas Wildflower Report‘s current Update

Hill Country Update – 3/28/2010
There has been so much to photograph south and east of San Antonio, that there have not been many photos coming out of the Hill Country. I expect that to change this weekend.

Based on reports sent to me and photos I have seen, some locations are doing very well – best in years and other locations not as good. As I feared, there are some areas well advanced in blooms right now. The warmer than normal temps back in February probably jump started some blooms especially along heavily traveled roads and urban areas. The below normal rainfall has also probably had a negative effect. These early bloom areas are mainly just west of US 281 and east of US 281. Based on other images I have seen posted elsewhere, all roads are in full bloom east of Texas 16. The closer to Austin the further along the blooms are likely to be. Blooms are out beyond the fence-line as well.

Bottom-line: For any location east of Texas 16, you should go this weekend. Roadsides along major roads and south-facing elevations that have been in early bloom probably already have seedpods. Less traveled roads and north-facing elevations probably have the best looking blooms. The entire Hill Country desperately needs rain now or we might be seeing a short season. Weather right now is the main driver in when, where and how good a display is.

Roads with reports (These are just the ones I have reports on or seen reports of)
Texas 71: Nice coverage with blooms past fence line. Some locations best in years others not as good.
Texas 16: Best coverage head south from Llano to RR 1323. North of Llano either not ready yet or not doing as good.
RR 2323: This road goes south from Llano Some spots best in many years
RR 762: This road connects Texas 71 to US 281 Some nice spots
US 281: Not many reports
RR 3347: Good coverage
US 290: Johnson City to Fredericksburg not very good coverage

For other possible routes to take see the Hill Country eBook at:

And visit Johnny’s galleries at:
He has some awesome views from the Poteet to Sutherland Springs area from this month. His photo here is from 3/21/2019.

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