Posted by: Sandy Steinman | March 5, 2019

Anza-Borrego State Park Wildflower Update 3/5/19

Anza-Borrego State Park has the following new report and wildflower bloom map for March 5, 2019

Many areas in the park have great displays of wildflowers right now. Cool weather and moisture may help the bloom last through mid-March or even later.

Heading east on Highway S-22, look for great blooms along the roadside and in the washes & canyons between mile 33 and 36. There is a large pullout between miles 30 and 31 with room for parking near fields of purple sand verbena.

Just west of mile marker 35, park and walk into Arroyo Salado, Coachwhip Canyon, or Ella Wash. You’ll find a wide variety of flowers, including sand verbena, desert sunflower, brown-eyed primrose, desert lilies, and lupine. These flowers are blooming in response to fall storms in this area, and may be nearing their peak. CAUTION: Dirt roads into the Borrego Badlands require four-wheel-drive!

In the southern part of Anza-Borrego, June Wash is reported to have nice flowers. Park near mile marker 42 on Highway S-2 and walk up the wash. The Carrizo Badlands Overlook (mile marker 52) is also worth checking, along with Blair Valley (mm 33) and various pullouts along the highway.

The mouth of Coyote Canyon, at the north end of paved DiGiorgio Road, has fields of flowers in bloom. The dirt road into Lower Coyote Canyon has been opened (high clearance, 4WD vehicles only). There is room for 2WD parking at the end of the pavement. Flower seekers should walk up the dirt road for a wide variety of flowers, or explore to the EAST for a field of desert sunflowers and sand verbena. You might also find lupine, brown-eyed evening primrose, and dune primrose, as well as a few desert lilies. PLEASE RESPECT PRIVATE PROPERTY adjacent to the flower fields, and stay out of the citrus orchards. Do not drive or park on the private dirt road.

South-facing slopes above San Felipe Wash (“Texas Dip” on Borrego Springs Road just north of Highway 78) have extensive displays of yellow Parish’s Poppy.

For maps and directions, visit our website at updates on blooming areas, call our Wildflower Hotline: 760-767-4684.

Ocotillo Wells SVRA is also experiencing an outstanding bloom due to heavy rainin the fall. Visitors with 4WD can check out The Cove, Devil’s Slide, Palm Wash,and Tarantula Wash, as well as the Buttes Pass area. Those without 4WD vehicles should visit the OWSVRA Discovery Center (near mile marker 91 on Highway 78), and walk the accessible trail to see a variety of things in bloom. 760-767-5393.




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